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10 HRS AGO - It shouldn’t shock you at all at this point when we tell you about any random person playing Expand
Fan Zhendong & Liang Jingkun Impressed Liu Guoliang (Video)
1 DAY AGO - <p>The 18-year old Fan Zhendong is one of the most consistent players in table tennis. Expand
Fukuhara and Ito are the most successful female players in 2015 World Tour (VIDEOS)
1 DAY AGO - <p>Mima Ito and Ai Fukuhara share the place of the most successful female player in the 2015 Expand
Li Xiaoxia Absent In The 13th Round Super League
1 DAY AGO - <p>The leader of the Shandong Team, Li Xiaoxia was not on duty once again in the Chinese Expand
Liu Guozheng Satisfied With The Second Team
2 DAYS AGO - <p>The Chinese Team was a force to reckon with in the recently concluded Asian Junior Expand
The first-ever social networking mobile App for table tennis enthusiasts! (VIDEO)
2 DAYS AGO - <p>PongUniverse a Florida based social community website, recently released its free mobile Expand
USATT Phone Service Disruption
2 DAYS AGO - USATT phones are down until tomorrow, we apologize for any inconvenience. For emergencies call Expand
Shanghai Wins 13th Round Super League
2 DAYS AGO - <p>In the last three rounds, Shanghai posted defeat but this time, they were able to put an Expand
Chinese Team Prepares Young Players For Tokyo Olympics
1 DAY AGO - <p>The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will be five years from now and in that amount of time, a Expand
USATT Insider
1 DAY AGO - Sign-up for the latest Table Tennis articles and stories delivered weekly to your inbox courtesy Expand
Li Xiaoxia Absent In The 13th Round Super League
1 DAY AGO - <p>The leader of the Shandong Team, Li Xiaoxia was not on duty once again in the Chinese Expand
Japanese Prodigy Sensational In The Japanese National Championships
2 DAYS AGO - <p>Formerly known as Zhang Zhihe, Tomokazu Harimoto is now a Japanese citizen and is making Expand
2015 US National Championships Return to Las Vegas
2 DAYS AGO - USA Table Tennis is excited to announce that the 2015 US National Championships will be held Expand
SPiN Opening in San Francisco
2 DAYS AGO - The ping pong push continues and SPiN is adding another California outpost (following the Standard Expand
Irish Senior Classification 2015
20 HRS AGO - Senior Classification Kicks off the Season on 29/30th August.
Guo Yan Hopes Ding Ning To Achieve Breakthrough In Rio
1 DAY AGO - <p>Guo Yan and Ding Ning have been teammates in the Beijing Team and they have formed a Expand
Gustavo Tsuboi got injured before 2015 Pan Am Games
1 DAY AGO - <p>Gustavo Tsuboi was one of the most successfull players at the 2015 Pan American Games Expand
Athletes ready for the world stage
1 DAY AGO - The U.S. Paralympics Table Tennis Team is going to Toronto next week for the Para Pan Am Games.
Xu Xin Should Not Be Intimidated (Video)
2 DAYS AGO - <p>Xu Xin is the main player of Shanghai in the Chinese Super League and with that position, Expand
USATT Board of Directors Actions
2 DAYS AGO - July 20, 2015 - Teleconference Meeting Actions. Respectfully submitted by Lee Kondo, Assistant Expand
11 Questions
2 DAYS AGO - USATT Insider poses 11 questions to Roger Dickson.

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Timo Boll vs Liu Jikang (Round 13)

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Junior Boys Final: Alexandre Cassin vs Anton Kallberg

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DHS Top 10 - Korea Open 2015

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Joo Se Hyuk vs Jung Young Sik (Final)

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Koki Niwa vs Masaki Yoshida (Quarer Final)

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Joo Saehyuk vs Steffen Mengel (Quarter Final)

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Kim Min Seok vs Li Ping (Round 1)

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Ma Long/Xu Xin vs Shang Kun/Fan Zhenong (Doubles Final)

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Xu Xin vs Maharu Yoshimura (Final)

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Shang Kun Vs Maharu Yoshimura (Semi Final)

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Xu Xin vs Wong Chun Ting (1/4 Final) [HD]

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