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The Results for Week 18
22 HRS AGO - The Results for week 18 matches are now in: In the Premier Division, Cougars beat 2-man Post Expand
Inspiring journey guys. Well done Ben and Sam!
3 DAYS AGO - Inspiring journey guys. Well done Ben and Sam!Guy Plays Table Tennis Every Day for a Expand
February 26, 2015
3 DAYS AGO - Most Interesting Rules Here are some of the more interesting rules in table tennis. Table Expand
New Table Tennis Project...Coming Summer 2015
6 DAYS AGO - New Table Tennis Project...Coming Summer 2015
2015 Qatar Open (Super Series)
7 DAYS AGO - GAC Group 2015 ITTF World Tour Men's Singles Final Vladimir Samsonov of Belarus beat Germany's Expand
Table Tennis Troll With a Samsung Galaxy Note 3
20/02/2015 - I decided to try and have some more fun making videos and my first one was playing around with my Expand
Table Tennis Blog
Shared by MH Table Tennis
Why is My Training Level Better than Match Level?
19/02/2015 - I recently received a request to give some insight into another common area of problem in table Expand
Table Tennis Blog
Shared by MH Table Tennis
February 18, 2015
18/02/2015 - Team League Sign-Up Time Here's a call-out to players in the Capital Area, New York, and Los Expand
Sometimes to Win the War You’ve Got to Lose a Battle
16/02/2015 - It would be nice to win all the battles and the war but sometimes that just isn’t possible. Expand
Re-Impact Smart blade review
1 DAY AGO - A comprehensive review with pictures of the Re-Impact Smart blade. The Smart blade is a Expand
Table Tennis Blog
Shared by OOAK Reviews
Interview with the great Norio Takashima!
3 DAYS AGO - OOAK Table Tennis Forum has just published an exclusive interview with the great Norio Takashima. Expand
Table Tennis Blog
Shared by OOAK Reviews
February 25, 2015
4 DAYS AGO - Willie and the Coat, and Other Competitions Yesterday I lost a competition. Willie, an Expand
February 23, 2015
6 DAYS AGO - Tip of the Week Shadow Practice When You Miss. Forehand Topspin Against Backspin, and Proper Expand
Very impressive!! I think he's only 11.
21/02/2015 - Very impressive!! I think he's only 11.Sensational 12 Year Old Table Tennis Player! Expand
February 20, 2015
20/02/2015 - Ping Pong for Fighters Ping Pong for Fighters by Tahl Leibovitz, a Paralympics gold medalist, is a Expand
Step-by-step guide for acing the reverse serve.
19/02/2015 - Step-by-step guide for acing the reverse serve.Reverse Pendulum Serve - Action Plan - Table Tennis Expand
The Results for Week 17
18/02/2015 - The Results for week 17 matches are now in: In the Premier Division, Gerry Hawkins was unbeaten as Expand
February 16, 2015
16/02/2015 - What, did you think I was going to blog while everyone else is taking the day off? Heck no!!! Expand
February 27, 2015
2 DAYS AGO - Beginning Junior Class I teach two beginning junior classes, one on Thursday 6-7PM, and the other Expand
Don’t Skip the Warm Up (Unless You’re Trying to Lose)
3 DAYS AGO - How important is it to warm up before playing table tennis? When I was training as a kid, as a Expand
February 24, 2015
5 DAYS AGO - Today's blog will go up late - USATT business has intervened. It should be up by Noon. 
Professional Table Tennis Player - Vladimir Samsonov
7 DAYS AGO - A profile of Vladimir Samsonov - professional table tennis player. One of the world's top table Expand
Here We Go Again
20/02/2015 - Shame on you Mr Blogger for not posting anything for some months now. New Life -New Job – Expand
Table Tennis Blog
Shared by Eleven Points
February 19, 2015
19/02/2015 - Ping-Ping Diplomacy by Nicholas Griffin - Review This book should be of great interest to table Expand
Zhang Jike's favourite serve -the reverse pendulum serve.
19/02/2015 - Zhang Jike's favourite serve -the reverse pendulum serve.Tutorial - Reverse Pendulum Topspin Expand
February 17, 2015
17/02/2015 - I got a late start today - too many late-night movies on TCM, and a really good book. Today's Expand

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