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1 DAY AGO - What's the real secret to choosing a table tennis racket? How can you ensure that you make the Expand
REVIEW: Butterfly Amicus Professional Table Tennis Robot
5 DAYS AGO - When I first started playing table tennis, I bought the basic Practice Partner 100. A good entry Expand
Table Tennis Blog
Shared by Tom Lodziak
July 19, 2016
20/07/2016 - USATT Supercamp - Day Nine By Larry Hodges Never have I seen so many totally dedicated coaches Expand
July 16, 2016
17/07/2016 - USATT Supercamp - Day Six By Larry Hodges I thought I’d start this with something we can all Expand
How to deal with too much (and conflicting) table tennis advice
14/07/2016 - Last week I received a panicked email from a player I coach. In her own words, she was “completely Expand
Table Tennis Blog
Shared by Tom Lodziak
How Consistent is Your Pushing? Can You Push Forever?
12/07/2016 - I’ve always been quite a consistent table tennis player. As a junior I was probably Expand
7 step plan to improve your forehand topspin
04/07/2016 - A lot of players at the intermediate level struggle to attack backspin balls. It’s one of the key Expand
Table Tennis Blog
Shared by Tom Lodziak
June 30, 2016
30/06/2016 - Training with the Piech's! Yesterday I had a session with Jason & Alex Piech, the two I Expand
June 28, 2016
28/06/2016 - How to Boost Your Table Tennis Rubber Here's the article from Expert Table Tennis. This is one Expand
2016 Olympic Games Medals for Table Tennis
2 DAYS AGO - The 2016 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games medals have been unveiled. Here are all the details...
July 21, 2016
6 DAYS AGO - Next Blog - Friday, Aug. 5 It’s been a great eleven days here at the USATT Supercamp, but Expand
July 18, 2016
19/07/2016 - USATT Supercamp - Day Eight By Larry Hodges The physical training this morning was the most Expand
July 15, 2016
16/07/2016 - USATT Supercamp - Day Five By Larry Hodges Today was rather a fun day. First, because the kids are Expand
July 13, 2016
14/07/2016 - USATT Supercamp - Day Three By Larry Hodges I started off the morning telling horror stories over Expand
July 11, 2016
12/07/2016 - USATT Supercamp - Day One The camp started yesterday (Monday), with 27 players at the Lily Yip TTC Expand
July 1, 2016
01/07/2016 - Last Blog until Tuesday, July 12 I'm actually going out of town for a month, July 3 – Expand
The Best Table Tennis DVDs & Training Videos
29/06/2016 - Are DVDs still cool? I can’t remember the last time actually bought a physical DVD! Anyhow, Expand
How to Boost Your Table Tennis Rubber
28/06/2016 - Yesterday I wrote an article recommending Falco Tempo Long Booster as the best table tennis Expand
Original Laws of Table Tennis 1926
3 DAYS AGO - The original laws of table tennis were agreed in 1926. You can read them all here...
July 20, 2016
7 DAYS AGO - USATT Supercamp - Day Ten By Larry Hodges Sometimes cold print like this doesn’t really do Expand
July 17, 2016
18/07/2016 - USATT Supercamp - Day Seven By Larry Hodges We’ve had sad farewells for the Week One coaches Expand
July 14, 2016
15/07/2016 - USATT Supercamp - Day Four By Larry Hodges It’s 9PM, and the training ended an hour before - Expand
July 12, 2016
13/07/2016 - USATT Supercamp - Day Two By Larry Hodges How do you spell exhaustion? Expand
July 8, 2016
09/07/2016 - USA Nationals I wasn't planning to blog for a few more days, but had to put down some thoughts Expand
#36 – Dan McLaughlin: How to Master Any Skill
01/07/2016 - Back in 2010, Dan McLaughlin decided he wanted to become a professional golfer. The only problem Expand
June 29, 2016
29/06/2016 - Jason & Alex Piech: 2016 USA National Championships Promo Here's the video (33 sec)! Alex Expand

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Joo Se Hyuk vs Chuang Chih-Yuan (R16)

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Fan Zhendong vs Gustavo Tsuboi (R32)

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Ma Long vs Jang Woojin (R32)

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